Take your iOS app UI apart with Reveal

One app that can make your life easier: Reveal

Last week had to investigate an app for potential UI issues. Had the Xcode project, unfortunately the specific part of the UI was built by a 3rd party library. Rather than debugging the code in place decided to give Reveal a try.

The integration was a breeze, pairing my Mac with the device also went without issues. All it took was 10 minutes of work to be able to see exactly what was happening in the part of the app’s UI I wanted to inspect. Loved the 3D view with layers – was very useful in finding the control used in the button that I needed to focus on.

If there is anything to complain about – that would be the performance and stability of the app. A full refresh of my app’s UI took a minute or two, and sometimes needed a manual refresh to pick up the updated app’s state. I was still impressed by how easy and useful this tool is.

They post some really nice screenshots on their website, so check them out:



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