Oh better Android e-mail client, where art thou? And this is where WP8 rocks.

One thing that I seriously miss after switching back to Android from Windows Phone 8 is a better email client. Don’t get me wrong – native email client is good, works fast, supports pretty much everything I need. But still it does not even come close to the speed and usability of the email client built into Windows phones.

If I were to name one feature missing in the native client that would be threaded view. Why Gmail client can get it, but not the native one? And I have tried things like k9mail – it is good. But it’s not as fast as the native one, and not even close to how fast and snappy Windows Phone 8 email was.

I am still glad that we have a bunch of decent alternatives on Android. Including stuff that my own MobileIron mentions:

  • MobileIron Android Email+
  • NitroDesk TouchDown
  • Email Apps on Samsung, HTC, and Motorola Devices

But maybe drop some of those 1000s of options (and I am looking at you k9mail) and focus on user experience instead?

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